Renal Hypertension

Renal Hypertension is an disease that is defined by a rise in blood pressure due to kidney disease. The flow of blood towards the kidneys is affected because of the narrowing of the arteries . this causes renovascular hypertension.

The narrowing of arteries results in a decrease in the flow of blood for the kidneys. The kidneys are then able to release various hormones which tell the body to hold onto sodium and water. The result is that the fluid begins to build up in the blood vessels, resulting in high blood pressure.

Tips to manage Hypertension in the Renal System

  • Exercise on a regular basis to keep your heart and body healthy
  • Limit consumption of alcohol and reduce smoking
  • Eat well balanced meals to keep obesity at bay
  • Keep your mind free of stress
  • Restrict consumption of salt
  • Maintain optimal weight levels

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